In 1920 Cork City was on fire as opposition to British rule in Ireland reached boiling point. The City in Flames album tells the story of this pivotal period in Irish history through song and spoken word. It’s not only an essential history lesson but a stunning body of music. 

Download the epic album here.

All proceeds from this album go to Alana.

Beautiful Baby Alana was born in February 2016 and was quickly diagnosed with a rare and horrible genetic disorder, called epidermolysis Bullosa. To put it simply, her skin doesn’t work, and the slightest touch causes it to blister or tear, as it is as fragile as a butterfly’s wings, giving rise to it’s more common name, butterfly skin. Alane has one of the worst forms of EB, recessive dystrophic EB, to give it the full horrible title. It’s an incredibly painful debilitating and incurable condition. For now, sadly, Alana will have to endure the pain and constant bandages for the rest of her life. Approximately 80% of her body is covered in bandages daily. Due to the amount of constant open wounds, painful and life threatening are also, and will continue to be, all too common. EB sufferers like Alana, face a litany of horrific symptoms, which are too many to mention and too awful to think about. It’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. All we can try and do is make Alana’s life as comfortable and pain free as possible for now. She requires round the clock care more than the average baby, which unfortunately makes it impossible for her parents to work full time anymore. Researchers here and overseas are getting close to making a breakthrough for treatments and a possible cure and we want to have funds in place so that Alana is ready the minute she gets the go ahead. All proceeds from this album will go to helping Alana get the treatment she needs. And you can also donate through GoFundMe. Just click the icon. Thank you for your support.